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Stage Oud & Deluxe Oud

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Brand: RIversong / Philip Shaheen

Stage Oud

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This amazing instrument is a revamp of the traditional Middle Eastern oud, and brings a 4000 year old instrument into the 21st century.

A collaboration between Mike Miltimore and Philip Shaheen brought Canada and the Middle East together – the two musical instrument innovators blended their unique areas of expertise to create a new oud that excels in rich sound, volume, comfort and playability.

Based on the Riversong Stage Guitar with it’s flatter hollow body, the oud uses the patented Riversong guitar neck system as well a a proprietary pick up system with a specially built transducer, custom voiced by Mike Miltimore. The oud also uses a new patented bridge system and has patents pending on many other design features.

The new Riversong Oud is Canadian made with the SPIRIT of the Middle East.

Available for order January 2018

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