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Riversong "Loaf" Pick Package

C$ 3.87
Get the pick with the best grip you will not lose! Made in Canada Eh... 3for1
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Product Details
Brand: Riversong
Type: Wooden Plectrum Wooden Picks

Brand New and some would say Revolutionary, we say Evolutionary. Inspired by a Peanut Butter/Pickle/Onion/Banana Sandwich, This next generation Riversong Wooden Pick is adapted to clip on to machine heads and be ready when you are. Made of Riversong's award winning and patented multi layer design, these are definitely not your grandads picks. Originally made as an April fools prank, these picks actually turned out quite playable with amazing grip!

Special Promo for Original "Bread Pick", you will receive "The Loaf" and an additional "Edge" pick for a 3 for 1 deal including shipping via standard mail. (mail can take several weeks depending what country you live in)

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