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Riversong "Edge" Wooden Guitar Picks - 3 Pack

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Brand: Riversong


Three pack of "Edge" Riversong Wooden picks are two picks in one and one of those picks has a real edge! Choose from rounded or straight edge for a sound that will make you stand out. A top notch lets you attach your pick to a guitar string when you aren't using it so you'll never have to hunt for it again.

5-layer Maple + Fibretone used in the manufacture of our picks produces feel and tones that plastic or wood alone can’t deliver.

Our patent pending material with a PET core (recycled water bottles), maple layers either side for stiffness, and outer Mylar Layers.
The pick has different stiffness characteristics due to the wood and with the PET layer in the centre the pick has give and feel.

CHOOSE FROM: .46/.60, .60/.80, and .80/1.0 stiffness.

5 Layers Patents Pending
Thermo Film
Fibretone (nylon like)
Thermo Film

This pick was developed by accident in our development of multi layer (plywood) wood picks. We would use packing tape to mark the different iterations and discovered that the outer layers made a huge difference in the strength of the pick allowing Riversong picks to be the most flexible wooden picks available. The centre material (Fibretone) which is a self lubricating nylon like material that gives our picks an incredible feel while playing like no other pick has. The combination of the Fibretone, wood and outer layers give the tone and snap of wood, eliminated the plastic “pick attack” and most importantly make Riversong Picks sound different than other picks. We used to say better, but this is a matter of personal taste and anything that sounds different and takes your playing and songwriting into new areas is worthy of a try. Most people after they play on our Riversong Picks for a couple songs really love the feel and tone. Perfect in the studio and live. The model designations are meant for feels not precise measurements.

The secret is the orthotropic nature of wood meaning that wood has different properties in different planes, unlike plastics, that are isotropic in nature, they have the same properties in all planes. Wood alone has weakness due to cracking, however once we mix wood with isotropic materials, like our fibre tone, or flexitime, we can create a pick with the beneficial tone, wear-in, and hygroscopic nature of wood with the flexibility and feel of other materials. These aren’t your dad’s bread bag clips, these are precisely engineered multi-layer picks as unique in each model as the players who use them!


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