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Peavey JSX Mini Colossal

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From the Joe Satriani series, the Peavey JSX Mini Colossal Guitar Amp is a great answer to the question of how to get great tube sound out of a small combo amplifier at manageable volumes. The feature that makes it happen is Peavey's trademarked Power Sponge: a unique control that allows the user to adjust the nominal output power level of the amplifier. It can be used in conjunction with the volume control to attain infinite combinations of power amp and preamp distortion at any volume level. This control DOES NOT affect the level of the Microphone Simulated Recording output and provides an appropriate load to the amplifier at all settings.

Speaker outputs are provided as paralleled 1/4" mono tip-sleeve jacks for the connection of speaker enclosures. Minimum speaker impedance is 4 Ohms. You set the cabinet Impedance Selector switch to match the load of the speaker cabinet(s). The internal speaker is 8 Ohms.

A recording out XLR jack is used to route a Microphone Simulated signal (tapped directly from the speaker being used) from the amplifier to an external recording device or PA. It uses a 100% passive circuit to avoid clipping, noise, and other shortcomings of solid-state circuitry. 

An 8" speaker is specially voiced to get the absolute best tone out of this combo, whether you're playing clean, crunchy, or full-on distortion.

Peavey hasn't forgotten good looks, either. A stylish black housing is set off by a classic jeweled power light and chrome-plated brass control knobs.

"The JSX Mini Colossal Combo is a Class A monster in a nice little box. It has a pure, wide-open sound, classic tremolo, buffered effects loop, a unique power level attenuator, and a recording output that actually sounds like the amp. Together with a specially voiced 8" speaker, the 5W Mini Colossal has a vintage tone that really rocks. It can run clean, crunchy, or, down and dirty. Its unique design makes it easy to get a good tone fast, and its size makes it very practical. Whether practicing, recording, or, even playing a small gig, this lively little amp really sounds great." ” Joe Satriani

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