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Ear saver Mask Band

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Product Details
Brand: Riversong Guitars
Type: PPE Ear Saver
Style: Wooden Patented material

Developed in Kamloops to help with Ear Fatigue at the hospital. Ear Savers have become a very important tool by holding the mask bands away from the ears. Traditional masks put pressure on the top and back of the ear causing discomfort and open sores. The Ear Saver takes the pressure off of the ears by simply holding the straps back.

Key Features of our Ear Savers:

-Loop to secure one side to mask (Keeps the Ear Saver Attached)

-Adjustable for mask tension

-You can wear around neck or crown of head

-Patented multi layer "Flex wood" for a durable and nice wood look

-Anti Scratch smooth surface

-Domestically Made in our retooled Riversong Guitar Pick Machines

-Rounded Edges for comfort and tangle free use

-For every ear saver we sell, we will donate one to frontline workers.

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