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1961 Gibson ES-330TD

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Brand: Gibson
Type: Electric Guitar

1961 Gibson ES-330TD

Tone and Mojo is what this 1961 Gibson ES 330TD electric guitar is all about. This “players” instrument has been lovingly played and taken care of. This guitar is in remarkable condition for its journey and has the checked finish, body marks, and stains that one would expect of an instrument of this age. The guitar sings due to its hollow design and P-90 Pickups. Just holding this guitar you can feel its vibe that wants to take you away! Vintage Gibson neck, original Tuners, Pickups, fret wear is slight, fretboard shows very minimal wear. Binding around the fretboard at the 19-21 fret upper side is missing. If you’re looking for a period ES 330TD that is an excellent player, this guitar is looking for a new home.

Quick FAQ:

Type: Electric Guitar
Style: Gibson ES330-TD
Year: 1961
Colour: Yellow Burst

Others who play the Gibson ES330-TD:

Thom Yorke - Radiohead, Johnny Marr - The Smiths

“Built with the same body shape as the ES-335T, but not the same semi-solid construction, the ES-330T/TD were originally introduced in 1959 as a replacement for the single cutaway ES-225T/TD. The single pickup version was phased out in 1963, but the ES-330TD remained in production until 1972. Two main variants are usually distinguished up to the mid-60s…The first variant is characterized by a dot-inlaid fingerboard and black plastic-covered pickups…The ES-330TD was originally offered in sunburst and natural finish but in the course of 1960 the popular cherry red was substituted for natural…In mid-62 the fingerboard was enhanced with small pearloid block inlays and at the end of the year the the pickups were fitted with metal covers. The transitional instruments made during the second half of 1962 therefore feature block markers and black plastic-covered pickups” (A.R. Duchossoir, Gibson Electrics — The Classic Years, p. 230)

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