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Pacific 550CE-D Finish Damage/ B-stock

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Brand: Riversong
Type: Acoustic Guitar
Style: 550CE-D

Pacific 550CE-D Finish Damage/ B-stock

Dreadnaught / Cutaway / Fishman

Danshui Spruce Top and B&S for discerning players on stage.

New guitars with finish damage. We have had 1 small shipment that went thru an extreme freeze during the winter months hitting minus 40 degrees celcius.....really cold! In the shipment, a small number of guitars develop finish cracks (like a vintage Gibson). These guitars are being offered at an amazing discount. The finish cracking does not affect playability, or sound. Maybe this will become your next guitar that is stage ready for an intermediate price! If you don't mind a guitar that tells a story and don't want a trailer queen, Hit the road with these guitars for the win!

Dreadnought / Cutaway / Fishman

Danshui Spruce Top and B&S for discerning players on stage.

This dreadnought guitar was designed for the stage with working musicians in mind. Sporting the latest Fishman Pickup system, the guitar sings as well as it growls. The Danshui Engineered top is reactive to the strings tension, yet light and nimble for subtle nuances in a recording studio. Setup with the patented and award winning neck from the G2 Hand Built series, the Riversong exclusive Necknology allows the player to adjust for slide/fingerstyle/strumming or just preferences in seconds with the easiest process available on any guitar.


Danshui Engineered Sitka Spruce top for incredible sound and ultimate reliability, mahogany back and sides, solid Canadian Maple neck with a solid walnut fretboard.

Find the 26 reasons to love Riversong Guitars to learn about some of the many great features that the Pacific series shares with the G2 Hand-built series.

The much anticipated line of affordable Riversong acoustics is here. Designed by Mike Miltimore using many of the award winning features of the original Kamloops handmade Riversong guitars, these guitars are made to be played. You can find Riversong guitars in the best studios and biggest stages in the world. Professional Fishman Pickups and a blazingly fast neck is outfitted on each guitar. These guitars are designed for the rigors of the road whilst still having finesse for the recording studio. The patented neck system that made Riversong famous is on every Pacific guitar. Easily adjust for humidity, tuning, feel, and function in seconds.

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